A rave on the Great Wall of China


Yin Yang Music Festival @ The Great Wall of China
As the famous Chinese saying goes “He who has not been to the Great Wall is not a true man”…. what about those who have raved?

After moving to China in August, the Great Wall was on the top of my to-do list. When the first long weekend came around, it was booked and I later found out about Yinyang Music Festival.☯

Raving on the Great Wall of China was very surreal – something I’ll tell the grandkids.

Yin Yang is an electronic  music festival located on the Great Wall of China, it’s dedicated to developing the dance music scene in Asia

So if this is your genre of music, put it on your bucket list! And for just over 100 Euro for tickets and accommodation you can’t go wrong.

Ticket Information:

For more information on the line-up or next year’s festival –  Check them out on Facebook 

By working with leading venues and party crews from all around the country, the Yin Yang Music Festival guarantees to bring our guests with a memorable & unique experience with a selection of 40 of the best DJs based in China, as well as artists from abroad to create a real cultural gathering.”

The Great Wall

As part of the festival ticket, you get free entrance to the Great Wall. The part that the actual festival is on is the Huangyaguan section which is the Longest restored part of the Great Wall.

It might be hard to bring yourself away from the music to go hiking for a few hours, but it’s worth it.

The Great Wall of China

Because this part is an old section of the wall it’s more of a climb than just a walk. So be prepared for the legs to ache a bit.

At end of September, the weather in China is not too hot, and the raining season is over, however, as you can see from the photos – going on a clearer day would have been more beneficial in terms of photography.


For more information on this part of the Wall see:

Or if you want to view others parts of the Wall:


  • Bring your own drink – only on the second night was there a better selection of drink to buy. There are no regulations to bring your own drink in , so why not!
  • Make the most of out the Wall, go and explore!
  • If you can hack it – Stay awake for sunrise.
  • Plan transport from where you are coming from. For example, I came from Beijing Airport thinking this part of the Wall would not be too far away – it is.  Although I got a taxi. I suggest checking out  transport options from the festival and plan your travel route around that.


In terms of Accommodation, you have 3 options:

Option 1: Camping – although I didn’t camp. I spent a lot of time here, as you do at any festival.

Option 2: If you’re not into camping there’s a room you can book that’s about a 5-minute walk – not the nicest but cheap and handy.

Option 3: The most favourable but most expensive are the rooms that are actually available on the Wall. Although it’s the most expensive option, it’s also one of the best party spots of the whole festival.

Bus and Sleeping Accommodation information:

Check out last year’s promo video – Looking forward to 2016 version!



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